Financial Forecasting

Cashboard is an automated financial modeling tool. Get fast insights, up-to-date analytics, and understand how different scenarios will transform the future of your business.

Why you'll love Cashboard

01. Automated

Connect Quickbooks and Stripe to Cashboard. We keep the data up-to-date and calculate every SaaS metric you need. No tedious data entry required.

02. Easy-to-use

We've built Cashboard for founders, and we're here to help you every step of the way. Intuitive and easy to use design with every analytic you need at your fingertips. Make driver-based forecasts with no financial background required.

03. Powerful

Whether you're preparing for investors or just working to improve day-to-day operations, Cashboard gives you what you need to understand and grow your company's valuation.


Use Cashboard for cash flow and runway projections, answering "What If?" questions, visualizing LTV, ARR, MRR, CAC, Growth Rates, COGS, revenue, expenses, and much much more.

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♥️ Loved By

Matthew Roberts

CEO at Savvi

“Cashboard has provided insights not only into my finances, but also my company's operations, and go-to-market performance. Having these metrics and forecasts has enabled me to better understand both the strengths of my startup and areas of risk that need my attention.”


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